• Today is: Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Most Unforgettable Signs In Sports History


What are sports without their loyal fans cheering in the stands? If sports are the flames, then fans are, well, the fans! They’re loud, they’re passionate, they’re tantrum incarnate, and we love them for it. There’s only one thing a fan wants aside from unending victories, and that is to be heard.

When you get thousands of sports fans together in one stadium, however, being heard can become quite an obstacle. True fans will never go down without a fight, so what do they do? They make signs! Oh yes, over-the-top, clever, and nasty, these fan signs are so good, you’ll forget you came here to watch a game.

1. In this highly controversial sect of footballfanity, the radically devout gather in the holy chosen land of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, the big guy upstairs divines onto his people one bold, yet simple commandment: “Run the ball.” Amen.

2. There is so much testosterone flying all over the place in an NFL game that a dose of femininity can feel like a swig of Gatorade. When this doe-eyed fan made a mid-game proposal, Aaron Rodgers almost lost it. “OMG! Me!? You want me?!“

3. Ooohhh, look at these little blue trust fund devils! Too smart for Stanford, too rich for Yale, they’re basically just too cool for school! Oh, but then Andrew Luck scored 4 touchdowns and Stanford sashayed away with a 44-14 victory. Better safe than sorry?

4. This guy is totally joking! Kids are the apple of our eyes, the spring in our steps, the joy in our hearts — no one would be foolish enough to give that up. Unless the Bruins are playing, then toddlers are changing hands in TD Garden like it’s the New York stock exchange.

5. This fan wasn’t having some of the ref’s calls. We’ve all been there, but she kicked it up a notch! And no, by the look on his face, it’s pretty clear, his wife definitely didn’t know… whoops!

6. These lady fans went straight for the sore spot! After Brett Favre was accused of sending explicit texts to NY Jets employees, fans from the opposing team weren’t too keen on letting him forget it.

7. On the subject of never forgetting, these Oregon Staters weren’t about to let USC sweep their most infamous alumni under the rug. At that night’s game, OSU walked away with a victory and a Playboy cover girl.

8. Hats off to these fans for producing the most quintessentially British thing we’ve ever seen. A giant screen printed sign replete with the Liverpool Football Club logo and a cursory rhythm scheme. Oh, you Liverpudlians you.

9. When Auburn faced off against South Carolina, the Tigers’ fans wanted to remind their opponents what was up. Apparently, it worked. After one gamecock spotted their sign, he didn’t look so cocky anymore.

10. This sign really has nothing to do with sports, and that is precisely what makes it so great! If there was a bank of fun, this woman clearly robbed it based on the miserable looks of everyone around her. You mad, bro?


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