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Pregnant Woman Ballroom Dances Better Than Any Of Us


Pregnancy affects every woman differently. Some women are bed-ridden for months and can barely keep down a meal. Others are even more active than before their pregnancy. It really feels as though your chances of a happy, healthy pregnancy are a roll of the dice!

If that’s the case, this woman’s roll must have had a big payout.

She glides gracefully across the dancefloor decked out in heels, beautiful jewelry and a stunning hairdo. After months of watching from the sidelines, this talented dancer wanted to shine again – even if she was about to pop!

According to Baby Centre UK, dancing is a great way to stay active throughout a pregnancy. Unless you’re under a specific health advisory, the site says dancing can help with flexibility, keeping your muscles toned and your heart and lungs active.

Baby Centre also says you should accurately access your skills before signing up for a high-intensity class:

“If dancing is new to you, it’s best to stick to a gentle dance class that doesn’t involve jumping and isn’t too strenuous. It’s also worth mentioning to your doctor or midwife that you’ve joined a dance class…

Best of all, it’s fun and sociable. If you’re not the type to sign up for exercise sessions at your local gym, you may find that a dance class suits you better.

Try to dance for at least 30 minutes, three or four times a week, whether it’s in your living room, or at a class. Even better, combine dancing with another form of regular exercise, such as swimming or pregnancy yoga, so that you don’t strain your muscles.”

Fortunately, this woman is healthy enough and has the dancing background to move safely. She knows every bit of choreography by heart, flowing with her partner and looking great doing it. Her students watching can’t keep their jaws off the floor. Even they can’t move as she can, and none of them are carrying a child!

As soon as the woman’s partner dipped her to the ground, everyone erupted in cheers. Their performance was just too much!

Take a peek at their impressive dance routine here. How can she do this while pregnant?


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