• Today is: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Genius Inventions That Look Like They Were Plucked From The Future


Is the future here yet? Well,  we still have a ways to go before we perfect flying cars and teleportation — but that doesn’t mean radically cool and futuristic inventions aren’t hitting the shelves every day.

These products will change the way you eat, work, and play (plus they look pretty darn cool to boot). Before you know it, we’ll all own these wild inventions ripped from 2050, and our current problems may just become things of the past.

1. We already have machines to wash and dry our clothes, so why can’t we have a folding device too? The future has arrived. The FoldiMate can fold an entire load of laundry, minus socks and underwear, in just four minutes!

2. You’ve got the power! Don’t panic if your phone reaches 1 percent when you’re nowhere near an outlet. The Epiphany One Puck, the fanciest coaster you’ll ever see, uses energy given off by a hot or cold beverage to put power straight into your personal device.

3. Though it looks like a car, this vehicle more closely resembles a four-wheel bicycle. Its frame and shape allows the driver to traverse any kind of terrain, even snow or rocky hills. It also makes for a great way to spice up your commute.

4. This is the BioBus, a “mobile lavatory’” that turns human waste into fuel. But you probably won’t spot these vehicles on every street corner. They’re more for educational purposes than actual transportation.

5. The average plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose, which is bad news for us. Luckily, scientists are developing all-natural plastics made out of algae. They retain their form while they still hold water, and immediately start to break down once empty.

6. What’s so impressive about this four-story building, you ask? Well, workers constructed it in a single day. Chinese company BROAD is introducing all kinds of eco-friendly innovations, and this quick building model is perhaps their most impressive product.

7. Nobody has time to cook a full breakfast anymore. That’s why people are going crazy for this egg boiler, which cooks a delicious batch of hard-boiled eggs in just a few minutes. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks like a cryogenic chamber from a sci-fi movie!

8. Could flat tires become a thing of the past? Michelin released an airless tire that can easily drive over bumps and curbs, and it will never lose its firmness. They haven’t debuted a version for automobiles yet, but it’s likely only a matter of time.

9. Old-fashioned steel horseshoes will wear out the animal’s joints over time. Fortunately, plastic alternatives have hit the market, and these products make for much easier removal. Soon, we’ll only use metal horseshoes for the lawn game.

10. If you live in a cramped apartment, this product could be a godsend. Laid horizontally, the surface functions as a perfect ironing board. Flipped 90 degrees, however, it turns into a full-length mirror!



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