• Today is: Thursday, January 23, 2020



When you are living in New York the subway is definitely a part of your daily adventure. It is one of the busiest places in the city and there are always commuters in this place at any given time.

Have you ever imagined if it is possible to make all these busy people stop for a moment and notice you? Well, you do not need to imagine too hard because famed Irish musician and singer Hozier just did that! And, as expected, people stopped and marveled at his amazing impromptu performance!

It was a typical Thursday morning for New Yorkers going about the Rockefeller Center Subway Station. A lot of people are busily passing through, riding in and out of the trains in order to get to where they needed to be. But, what started out to be a regular morning transformed into a memorable day as the famous Irish musician and singer Hozier started to sing in the middle of the crowd!

People stopped and listened to his beautiful music. It was definitely a remarkable event stopping the crowd because despite all the busy New Yorkers rushing to get somewhere a man and his guitar, together with his group of singers, were able to stop everyone in their tracks and appreciate great music.

Andrew Hozier Byrne, more popularly known as Hozier, took the crowd by storm as he performed some of his hits such as “Take Me To Church”, “Movement”, “Almost (Sweet Music)” and “Nina Cried Power” in the middle of a busy New York Subway Station. His impromptu performance made the morning really special and New Yorkers absolutely loved his subway concert! It was a treat.

The Irish singer’s pop-up show was a really pleasant surprise that gave New Yorkers a wonderful start to their rather ordinary Thursday morning. He later on posted his performance videos on Twitter and Instagram with the caption:

“Dropped in on some New Yorkers’ commute home tonight for a quick subway session. Full video in the stories!”

His fans were utterly surprised with his concert and were definitely vocal about how they wished they were there. Some are even requesting him to return to the busy subway station to do an encore! Hozier is surely a great musician and his New York fans would love for him to perform there again.

He definitely made people happy that morning and I just wish I witnessed his performance, too! We can definitely expect to see more New York transit commuters from now on, especially when it is always possible that a famous musician will sing in their midst anytime, just like Hozier did.


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