• Today is: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Car vending machine


We initially caught wind of the phenomenal “auto candy machine” toward the finish of a year ago. Presently, Ford and Alibaba, who collaborated to outline the framework, have flipped the switch on the monstrous machine with the goal that individuals can give it a shot without a doubt.

It’s situated in Guangzhou, China, and offers a scope of vehicles for three-day test drives. The five-story contraption, which holds 42 vehicles taking all things together, is basically a Ford-marked carport with pivoting stages, comparative in configuration to parking structures ordinarily found in Japanese urban communities and different nations in Asia.

You can start the exchange through an application before swinging up to gather the auto from the candy machine, named the “Super Test-drive Center.”

There’s no human connection amid the procedure. You just peruse the application for the auto you’d jump at the chance to take out for a turn — the person in the video above decides on a Ford Mustang — and afterward take a selfie. This empowers the candy machine’s facial acknowledgment innovation to affirm your booking, and apparently likewise gives the cops a respectable picture to work with should you neglect to restore the auto.

When you touch base at the Super Test-drive Center, you’ll have to tap on the computerized show so the machine can coordinate your face with your auto determination. No, the auto doesn’t drop into a plate like a standard candy machine. That would be asinine. What’s more, somewhat exorbitant for Ford.

Rather, the hardware grinds without hesitation, with your picked vehicle conveyed down to ground level in only a couple of minutes. The framework gives you a chance to test up to two autos sequentially, which guarantees you don’t wind up “test driving” Ford autos forever as opposed to making a genuine buy.


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